Connect With Your Deck Free Tarot online course workbook

Connect With Your Deck FREE Course

Do you struggle to connect with your Tarot deck? Do you find you look at the cards and can't seem to see the messages contained within them? This FREE course will help you build a relationship with your favourite Tarot deck. Whether you are a beginner or advanced reader this course is for you. You can use the Rider Waite Smith Tarot OR a deck of your choice for the course - it is up to you!

The course is FREE and there is an accompanying workbook that is an optional purchase. 

The Course is 6 weeks long (however you can binge study if you like it is up to you)
Study the following topics
Week 1 - Connect With Your Deck.
Week 2 - Tune Into The Universe.
Week 3 - Spiritual Grounding And Protection
Week 4 - Asking The Right Questions
Week 5 - Telling The Story In The Cards
Week 6 - Becoming An Intuitive Tarot Reader.


The FREE Course supports a TAROT JOURNAL which is optional (but you will get more out of the course if you purchase the workbook)  CLICK HERE to find out more.
1. A supportive closed Facebook Community
2. Dedicated Facebook posts for discussion and accountability.
3. Weekly emails to keep you on track.
4. Free video lessons to watch.

What People Are Saying

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!!! I'm still learning and organising and figuring what I want to print and what I don't.. I use card stock and a lot of ink but I love all my new journals and I have bought new cards too!! Thanks!!

Jackie Hillard


08 Mar, 2022

I've been looking for something like this for a while. It is put together so well, and together with the youtube videos, I am impressed with this complete system. I am so grateful to you for putting this together and sharing it! 

Sorsha Elsbernd

28 Jul, 2022

All of Elizabeth’s work is expertly done with an obvious deep knowledge of many spheres of metaphysics. It is a remarkable collection of colour, number, historic, and astrological symbolism all packed on each page.

Laura Whipple

20 Jan, 2023

Free Connect With Your Deck Tarot journaling course workbook