A Card A Day Tarot Challenge Free Online Course workbook

A Card A Day

FREE Tarot Challenge

Would you like to join me for my FREE Tarot Challenge to develop a daily practice for reading the Tarot? We all work together in the challenge and support one another. Don't worry if you miss days - my journal will help you remember where you are up to so you don't miss anything! The secret sauce to learning the Tarot is to do a little every day. With a few minutes every day guided by the journal and our online course you will gain a good intuitive knowledge of the Tarot that is unique to you, an energetic connection with your Deck and integrate the Tarot into your daily life so that reading for yourself or others becomes effortless. Use Rider Waite Smith or any Tarot deck of your choice.

The course is FREE and there is an accompanying workbook that is an optional purchase.

The Challenge runs all year! Your journal contains a calendar worksheet with all the questions for each month.
Topics are:
January - Manifest Your Year.
February - Valentines Day - Love.
March - Listen To Your Intuition.
April - Feeling April Foolish - Confidence Challenge.
May - Relationship Boundaries.
June - Mid Year Review.
July - Nurture Your Creativity.
August - Mindfulness.
September - Create Your Positive Vibes.
October - Modern Witch Spiritual Challenge.
November - Find Your Purpose.
December - Tarot Or Oracle - Choose Your Challenge.


The FREE Course supports a TAROT JOURNAL which is optional (but you will get more out of the course if you purchase the workbook)  CLICK HERE to find out more.
1. A supportive closed Facebook Community
2. Dedicated Facebook posts for discussion and accountability.
3. Monthly emails/Daily social media posts to keep you on track
4. Free video lessons to watch.

What People Are Saying

Great customer service 👏 . She made an update and sent it instead of charging an extra price for Making the product better. If I found something else I wanted from her, I would totally order  again.

Teneka Bell-Myles

23 Nov, 2021

Been doing this challenge every day so far this year (and are planning to continue for the rest of the year!) and it's been really really great! I'm learning the cards and learn about myself too, really great!


17 Jan, 2022

Really awesome!!! Such a fun, organized, and beautiful way to better learn the Tarot! I’m really impressed with this product and it was very easy to download. I use it in Zinnia on the iPad. This item exceeded my expectations!


10 Dec, 2022

A Card A Day Tarot Challenge Free Online Course workbook